Our Story

Vivian Lehman has over 19 years of experience assisting customers primarily in the central Florida market, but also throughout Florida.  Her experience includes working with first time home buyers to luxury listings.

In 2007, during a major real estate meltdown, she had the opportunity of working with Attorney Justin Clark while he assisted hundreds of homeowners avoid foreclosure.  Homeowners had options that included; retaining their homes through loan modifications, short sales or deed in lieu of foreclosure.

They agreed that one of the components missing in a Florida real estate transaction is access to an attorney as part of the process.  Even though Florida does not require an attorney for settlement purposes, they felt that providing this service would be a value added bonus to our customers by offering another layer of protection.  In addition, their network of affiliated providers can provide you with everything needed Under One Roof to close on your home.

Would you like to attend open houses from the comfort of your own home.  If so, tune in to watch You Have Real Estate with Justin Clark.  We have a weekly show on Saturdays at 12:30 pm on CBS and we cover all things real estate with local agents.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel for access to short informational videos from all our partners.  Also, you can view all the episodes in case you missed it on You Have Real Estate with Attorney Justin Clark

If you are looking for free legal insight, don’t miss Justin Clark’s Radio Show.  You Have Power Radio on Florida Man Radio which airs on 660 AM and 105.5 FM every weekday from 10:00 am to 11:30 pm and streaming live on Facebook and Instagram. Behind The Law.  

Considering a career in Real Estate? WE ARE HIRING!  Our unique marketing strategy gives the realtor associate the support it needs to make their career successful.  Contact Vivian Lehman at vlehman@youhaverealty.com or directly at (407) 733-4700.

  • Orlando Regional Realtors Association
  • Florida Association of Realtors
  • National Association of Realtors
"Vivian has been our listing and selling agent on several properties over the last few years. She was key in difficult negotiations with buyers, banks, and closing agents; making the process of selling our homes seem easy to us. Because of her professionalism and excellent communication skills, I would highly recommend her services. "

Mr. Gandolph

"If you want a realtor that is willing to go the extra mile regardless of the financial reward, Vivian is your gal. I was blown away at her tenacity, guts, and speed in which she handled my situation."


"The most important asset Vivian supplies is she is keenly aware that you are buying a home and this is not just another sale for her, but rather a personal goal for her to help you find exactly what will enhance your life with your new home. "

Jared Martinez

"Vivian is personable, knowledgeable and strategic. She assisted us in the short sale of two investment properties and has recently presented us with a contract for sale on our personal home."

Michael Painter